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Wow…what an incredible journey!

We are fast becoming one of the premier online ELiquid/APV stores in the United States. Here’s our story!

One day while working back in 2007, it occurred to us that the electronic cigarettes we were using (along with several friends) didn’t produce enough satisfaction. Quite frankly.. they tasted like crap and were useless when it came combating the restlessness that always shows up after a few days of not smoking. Anyone who has tried over and over again, to break free from the addiction KNOWS what we are talking about! Once again, we soon found ourselves back on traditional tobacco cigarettes.
So we thought…What if we produced a liquid that we could control the amount of  Nicotine? What if we could not only control the percentage of Nicotine but also give it a flavor that did not taste like licking an ashtray? AND..what if it could be injected into an electronic cigarette?

So began the journey….

After months of trial and error, we eventually found that there were multiple other electronic smoking devices available (other than the cheap early E-cigs that we had used) that not only allowed for a personal mix to be used, but produced an EXTREMELY satisfying alternate to the old E-cig.

In fact, a whole culture was springing up known as “Vaping!”

It was during this initial excitement that one of us began to produce our own ELiquid to find the perfect taste. While researching this new smoking alternative and much to our dismay, we found the only ELiquid that was available was that from foreign sources. Not being a big fan of the poisons we were discovering in the common ELiquids tested, we began to produce a truly pharmaceutical grade Quality Product for ourselves, family and a few friends.
Nearly everyone who tried our personal products instantly switched, asking if we could supply them. They wanted different flavors and then more flavors. The response was…well…VapeNaked was born.

Our company works diligently to bring you the best in Current Leading Technology, from American and Worldwide E-Cig manufacturers. We do not offer free e cig trials but rather, we provide information on where to buy e cigs locally. Our goals are to bring you the FINEST and Purest American Made ELiquids available, along with Bare Naked Pricing on all our accessories.
Beyond our ELiquids, it’s our goal to develop and distribute a collection of some of the most innovative products on the market and make them available to you at affordable (Naked) prices. Our mission is simple…Consistent Quality Without Compromise…

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