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Hijuku Puckered - 100ml (MSRP $30)

Hijuku Puckered by Air Factory - 100ml (MSRP $30)Get ready to pucker up! This vape is a soft chewy c..


Hijuku Tropic - 100ml (MSRP $30)

Hijuku Tropic by Air Factory 100ml (MSRP $30)Sweet sweet vacation time! Experience the refreshing co..


Kilo White Series - Cinnamon Roll 60ml Eliquid

TasteCinnamon Roll E Liquid by Kilo White Series is a warm and soft cinnamon roll dessert ..


Kilo White Series - Ice Cream Sandwich 60ml Eliquid

TasteA distinctive blend of chocolate cookie and luscious vanilla ice cream yields a rich chocolate ..


Kilo White Series - Marshmallow Crisp 60ml Eliquid

TasteA deliciously sweet, toasted rice cereal stirred into a bowl of gooey melted marshmallows.Brand..


Kilo White Series - White Chocolate Strawberry 60ml Eliquid

TasteStrawberry Dipped in Melted White Chocolate.  BrandKilo E Liquid was founded in 2014 and h..


7 Daze - Grape Reds - 60ml

7 Daze - Grape Reds  - 60ml7 Daze introduces Reds Grape, a refreshing grape apple juice perfect..


7 Daze - ICE Grape Reds - 60ml

7 Daze - ICE Grape Reds  - 60ml7 Daze introduces Reds Grape Iced, a chilled refreshin..


Bubble Co - Starstruck BlueRazz- 60ml

Starstruck BlueRazz The newest rendition of the ever so popular Blue Raspberry bubble gum. &nbs..


Bubble Co - Starstruck Green Apple - 60ml

Starstruck Green Apple - 60mlIt's sweet, it's tangy, it's Starstruck Green Apple!  The Bub..


Bubble Co - Starstruck Watermelon - 30ml

Starstruck Watermelon - 30mlStarstruck Watermelon ejuice is a Watermelon and Strawberry bubble gum f..


Bubble Co - Starstruck Watermelon - 60ml

Starstruck Watermelon - 60mlStarstruck Watermelon ejuice is a Watermelon and Strawberry bubble gum f..


Candy Co - Cremes - 60ml

CremesDiscover a satisfying sensation of silky smooth hard candy that will indulge your taste buds. ..


Candy Co - Double M - 60ml

Double MAbsolutely an irresistible timeless treat made with subtle yet rich sweet milk chocolate coa..


Candy Co - Patches - 60ml

PatchesAn utterly delicious, sour coated, sweet centered jelly candy...


Candy King Batch - 100ML

Candy King Batch - 100MLBatch E-Liquid takes sweet orange, cherry, lemon and lime gummies and douses..