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Salty Man Hoops - 30ml

Salty Man Hoops - 30mlHoops is a flavorful blend of fruity cereal. The blend of fruits creates the s..


Salty Man Juice Box - 30ml

Salty Man Juice Box  - 30mlJuice Box is a unique fruit and apple based nicotine salt flavored e..


Salty Man Kacti Kooler - 30ml

Salty Man Kacti Kooler - 30mlKacti Kooler, a fresh orange soda styled e-liquid that is a reminder of..


Salty Man Kool Peach - 30ml

Salty Man Kool Peach - 30mlKool Peach is a unique and fresh nicotine salt based e liquid flavor that..


Salty Man Marshmallow Crispy - 30ml

Salty Man Marshmallow Crispy- 30mlMarshmallow Crispy is an incredible desert based flavoring that co..


Salty Man Pink Milk - 30ml

Salty Man Pink Milk - 30mlThis sweet and creamy flavor from your classic strawberry milk brand ..


Salty Man Seedless Sour - 30ml

Salty Man Seedless Sour - 30mlSeedless Sour is a perfect fruity combination of a of watermelon ..


Salt Factory Eliquid 35mg - 30ml

Salt Factory Eliquid 35mgBlue Razz - 30mlThe sweet taste of blue raspberries is really making this ..


Salt Factory Eliquid 50mg - 30ml

Salt Factory 50mgBlue RazzThe sweet taste of blue raspberries is really making this salt-based nico..


Bubble Co - Starstruck Watermelon - 30ml

Starstruck Watermelon - 30mlStarstruck Watermelon ejuice is a Watermelon and Strawberry bubble gum f..


Solace TFN - Butterscotch - 30ml

Solace - Butterscotch - 30mlButterscotch’s rich flavor is reminiscent of the creamy butterscotch can..


Solace TFN - Strawberry Hard Candy - 30ml

Solace - Strawberry Hard Candy - 30mlWith 80% of Strawberries farmed in California, Strawberry Hard ..


Solace TFN - Vanilla Bean - 30ml

Solace - Vanilla Bean - 30mlWith it’s creamy and sweet flavor, Vanilla Bean is a refreshing choice f..


7 Daze - Trollie Tuesday - 30ml

7 Daze - Trollie Tuesday - 30mlImagine opening a bag of gummy worms, a flavor explosion that wi..


Unicorn Bottle Pen Style 30ml - 30pcs

Unicorn Bottle Pen Style 30ml*30pcs/BagMaterial: PlasticPlastic Type: PEIndustrial Use: Chemical, bo..


Sour Dreams TFN - Original E Juice 30ml

Sour Dreams - Original E Juice 30mlSour Dream is your favorite sour gummy candy! Sour Dream is made ..